All made with fresh lime juice

The Skylight: Monte Alban 100% Agave, Triple Sec  $8

Razz Marg: Monte Alban, Triple Sec, Chambord  $9

Silver Coin: Espolon Blanco, Cointreau  $9

Grand Gold: Don Julio Reposado, Grand Marnier  $11

Platinum Coin: Patron Silver, Cointreau  $12

The Don: Don Julio Anejo 1942, Grand Marnier, Cointreau: $20



Design your own Margarita with any tequila

$1 Cointreau / $2 Grand Marnier

Don Julio Silver  $10

Patron Silver  $11

Don Julio Reposado  $10

Herradura Silver  $11

Don Julio 1942  $18

Herradura Anejo  $12

Espolon Blanco  $8



Bottle Selection by Request

House White/Red  $5btg/$12 carafe

Sparkling – Francis Coppola “Sophia”   $7 can



Draft:  $6

La Cumbre “Elevated” IPA

Marble Pilsner

Boese Brothers “Duke City Lager”

SF Brewery “Adobe Igloo”


Bottled $5

Angry Orchard Cider

Dosxx Lager

Santa Fe Pale Ale

Blue Moon Wheat

Guiness ($6)

Santa Fe Nut Brown


Lagunitas Pilsner

Stella Artois

Bud Light

Marble IPA

Tecate ($4)

Coors Lite

Modelo Especial


Negra Modelo